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To date, around fifty million domains are registered as dot coms. With this number in mind, the likelihood of getting an unused and available 2 letter or 3 letter domain is slim to none. Haggling over prices with domain speculators is a tedious and oftentimes futile process, and can be very expensive.

The allure of acquiring 2 and 3 domains is not unfounded — these are capable of giving your website strong recall, and an overall powerful brand. Statistics say that, of the thousands of possible 2 and 3 letter combinations and sequences, virtually none are available to the web developer.

If you wish to acquire a great domain comprised of two or three letters, you will have to contend with swarms of speculators who will give you a hard time if you want to register one.

To give your website a name with two or three characters, you can use a domain expiry tracker and domain name scanner. These tools will inform you when a high-demand domain name is available, so you can act fast and register it for your website. The scanner will identify all the possible two to three letter and number combinations, and highlight the ones that are available. If the one you want is not available, the domain expiry tracker script can help by giving domain expire notification. Many businesses can benefit from using domain scanning or domain tracking scripts for themselves or their clients, helping to land that much-desired name soon as soon as possible.

A domain scanner or domain expiry tracker script can also aid the speculator who owns a number of domains, especially if one has purchased various names from different providers or needs to automatically renew registration. If you’re in the business of buying popular domain names for resale, domain scanner and expiry tracker scripts can be a big help. These applications can even analyze where domains are hosted, and registration information.

Domain scanners and domain expiry tracker scripts are invaluable tools for any online business. Considering that almost all short names possible are already taken, these scripts can give you an edge in taking that two or three letter domain for yourself, without all the hard work. These tools will help you significantly improve your chance of getting that domain name, and give you the potential to create a powerful online brand and presence.

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