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“You Could Only Imagine The Frustrations That
Where Pouring Out Of Me When I Couldn’t Find The Ebook Document I Needed To
Edit Right Before Our Website Went Live.”

“Just Think About You Going Live With An Information Product, You
Have Affiliates Lined Up To Send Traffic In A Day And You Found A Major Mistake
In Your Ebook. “

Oh no, I can’t find my document to edit. What am I going to do?

What, this will never happen to you?

I thought the same until it happened to me. I also know of a lot of
people on popular forums that are pulling their hair out of their heads because
of the same very thing. The last thing I wanted is to look like a amateur
in front of my affiliates.

Luckily I came up with a solution that save my butt and can save yours as well. I
created a program that will suck out all the text of a pdf and create an
editable text file.

I call it Smart PDF Convert.

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It doesn’t get any easier than this my friend

System Requirements: Windows 2000 or higher.

Get Your Free Trial Now


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