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Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate targeted traffic. Once you create the right video you can submit to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Viddler and other places that allow video submissions. By listing your website information in the description section, most people tend to follow-up with the video presentation if it is compelling enough. Remember that people preferred videos over reading and you should take advantage of this.

This is because it is much easier to watch videos and it is simpler to convey your points when you do so using images and someone speaking directly to them. In fact, in a recent survey from Vimeo, respondents explained that they were three times more likely to want to watch a video instead of reading a blog post.

One of the recent trends in video marketing for targeted traffic is a video called a Vine. These short videos that are around five or 6 seconds and tap into the emotion, understanding of trends and focus into a single expression that can captivate thousands even millions of viewers. This new style of video marketing has also been linked to products and services that can be promoted quickly and in an entertaining and interesting fashion that deals with the short attention span that most potential customers and clients have.

Another powerful form of video marketing is when you take the time to teach and/or instruct people in a hot topic and then follow-up with them by demonstrating that you can provide additional information that they need to be successful.

For example, there are many videos online teaching about the basics of internet marketing; but in order to get the full story you will need to subscribe to the marketers e-mail list and then follow-up for additional lessons, usually at a service fee or membership fee rate. These how-to videos generate huge amounts of targeted traffic and almost anybody can create them. Remember to focus on solving problems and you will have plenty of traffic from these videos.

Another great way to generate traffic using videos is to focus on high targeted videos that are receiving millions of views and then approaching the owner and asking them if you can pay them some money for them to post your URL in their description section. Since most people are not marketers and see this as an opportunity to make a few dollars each month, a majority of people will be happy to do this and you will also receive lots of targeted traffic when you do this.


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