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To increase sales suggests small business owners, single office home office (SOHO), independent contractors to C Level executives must think differently. After working with clients, listening to fellow colleagues and reflecting upon strategic changes I have made within my own business coaching training practice, I believe these 12 must have business growth strategies must be present in any organization right now and as it moves forward in the future.

Accountability Each individual within the organization must be accountable to both external and internal customers. Even though this strategy may be considered a value, the rationale for it being separate is because to quote Truman The buck stops here. Customers want their problems solved and not pushed off to someone else.

Accuracy The design, development to the delivery of the products and services need to be accurate. This accuracy extends to other process such as ordering, processing invoices to handling complaints. Processes and systems must be in place, written down and followed consistently by all involved.

Active Listening Far too often people are talking way too much and not listening. Clear communication is the overall process. These tips may assist to improve active listening:

  • Clarity
  • Legitimize
  • Emotion
  • Agreement
  • Retention

Consistent Quality The overall quality of the products and services must be of the highest nature. This strategy also demands consistency as inconsistency not only upsets the buyer, but drains the bottom line.

Culture of Self Leadership Creating a culture of self leadership where individuals lead themselves first while understanding their functions within the organization is absolutely necessary. Specific skills include: balanced decision making, higher order thinking, problem solving, team player, etc.

Desire to Educate Customers (not sell) No wants to be sold, yet everyone loves to buy. To make better buying decision suggests an education based marketing approach instead of a sales based marketing one. When customers are educated including internal ones as well, everyone benefits.

Efficient and Effective Utilization of All Resources Each organization has these five (5) limited resources of time, energy, money, people and emotions. Being able to be efficient (doing things right) and being effective (doing the right things) will ultimately increase sales and improve profitability.

Exceptional Customer Service Without patrons or employees, enterprises will fold up. Delivering outstanding and exceptional customer service is simply speaking a “no-brainer.”

In Depth to Cutting Edge Knowledge With estimates that knowledge is doubling every 1 to 2 years, ignorance is no longer bliss nor affordable. You must be ahead of the knowledge flow instead of just knowing where the flow is going.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships Business involves a buyer and a seller even if the transaction is not monetary. Relationships must be mutually beneficial otherwise one individual or the other may feel he or she is being used.

Ongoing Innovation No longer can businesses believe that “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” Global competition to ever evolving technology demands innovation from new products or services to adding additional value to existing offerings.

Positive Core Values and Ethics Without clearly articulated values through the corporate values statement, there is a possibility of a lot of “willly nilly” behaviors. When everyone knows the expected behaviors, this allows for far easier performance appraisals to execution of other business growth strategies.

By adopting these 12 business growth strategies will help you increase sales and have a sustainable, thriving business this year and the years to come.


Source by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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