Tue. May 28th, 2024

Action Names Datebook lets you schedule meetings, phone calls, to-dos, and repeating events quickly and easily from within a single application. It links a contact name in the address book to the relevant scheduled item. Scheduled items can be logged to the notes section of a contact card, allowing you to review your history with the contact before calling or meeting. Scheduling an event requires minimal handwriting because Action Names Datebook quickfills the contact name. A single tap imports a work number, home number, or e-mail address, and a single stroke on the time bar schedules the time. Action Names Datebook integrates seamlessly with the Palm Desktop and popular PC-based contact management tools such as Outlook, Goldmine, Maximizer, Lotus Organizer, and Act! with an appropriate third-party conduit such as Intellisync or Companion Link (sold separately by other vendors).

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