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Can you make money from a work at home business, and if so, where do you begin?

Is making money on the internet a possibility? This is a question many entrepreneurs are asking today. The cost of living continues to go up and second incomes are being researched daily. Working from home has become a very exciting prospect to explore.

I asked myself these questions, and not knowing the answer, I set out on a quest for information.

My first source for some answers took me to the internet. The World Wide Web has become the most popular tool for information ever invented. I went to Google because this is the only search engine I use, and looked up the term 'work at home'. I discovered right off that there is definitely information on this – 29,800,000 sources for information. There are programs, software downloads, e-books, articles, you name it and it was listed. I was totally amazed at all of the offers and became quickly overwhelmed.

After researching pages and pages of different ideas and opportunities for work at home businesses, I keyed in on the resources I found most interesting, and went a bit further with my investigating. I decided to look at only those opportunities that allowed me the freedom to work when I wanted, to be my own boss, plus the added advantage of creating a sizable income. One realization that hit hard was the fact that I knew almost nothing about what was being disclosed.

There are many, many opportunities for anyone wanting to work, willing to work, and enthusiastic about learning new ideas. I was searching not only for a work at home business, but one that involved the internet and working with my computer. I found countless programs designed to fulfill my ultimate pursuits, if only I knew what it all mean!

The resources I discovered in my web searches were intriguing because, for the most part, they were entirely new to me. I had stumbled upon a whole new frontier and an entirely different world than I was used to. I assembled everything that I had processed and came to the conclusion that yes, you can make money from a work at home business.

My next step would be to change my mind set and attack my new objective – I wanted a work at home business. I am not a techie oriented person, and I rely on well documented instructions and directives. Nor am I completely stupid, I hope. The sales letters, the get rich quick schemes, the hidden scams that I uncovered almost put an end to my original intention. However, I persevered and I am finally learning to conquer my fears and plunge forward into this new world.

Making money on the internet is not a get rich quick scheme. A person must be willing to put in the time and effort required to learn the proper techniques and include a strong desire to succeed. As a result of my quest I have determined the necessity for help and guidance to be the most important tool required to be successful.


Source by Dawn Butler

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