Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

For anyone who needs a little additional help slimming down, there is a new option available; cool sculpting. With the recent FDA approval for this method, not to mention all the dermatologists who have signed off on it proclaiming it to be safe, it is now available to anyone.

Since this method isn’t surgery it is considered a much safer alternative to more invasive procedures such as liposuction.

Another positive of using cool sculpting is that there are no needles or anesthetics needed which adds to the safety since there is much less change of infection or other complications.

One thing I would caution you about though, is to think of any of these sculpting methods as step one in any weight loss endeavor.

To not only get the look you want, but more importantly, to keep that look for a lifetime you need to be willing to make full time changes in your habits.

If you think you can just go in and have this procedure done but you don’t change your habits, you will most likely gain weight back and find yourself right back at square one.

Having said that though, there are many instances where people simply can’t do it all them self. They can only lose so much weight but the tightening of the skin is something that can only be done with one or more of these methods.


So, here is a little bit more about what this process is all about:

1. During the procedure an applicator delivers cooling to a certain part of your body, whatever part you want to have targeted, often the stomach area.

The cooling is directed into the deeper layers of skin, specifically targeting fat deposits under the skin.

The fat is transformed from liquid to solid so when they are exposed to this cool temperature they will start to dissolve and eventually disappear.

Basically, you are killing off the fat cells.

2. Since this is a totally non surgical procedure, you can return to your normal, daily activities right away. This is a huge advantage of this type of fat removal.

The procedure usually only takes an hour or so and there is no pain associated with it, though you will feel some pulling motion on your skin.

There is proof that this method can decrease your fat in the area of treatment anywhere from 20% to as much as 40%.

3. Depending on how much fat you need (want) to lose you may only need one treatment. But, if you want more than one treatment you will have to wait a minimum of 30 days between treatments.

4. Some of the limitations of this type of treatment are: this procedure tends to work best on those that are already in pretty good shape as opposed to being obese.

Like I stated above, it’s best to lose as much weight as you can with proper diet and exercise, with your doctors approval, first.

Then rely on this treatment only as the “finishing touch”.

Think of this process as more “sculpting” than “weight loss”.

I hope this information has helped you out a little bit and given you an idea of what cool sculpting is all about. It can help you get that last little bit of fat off of your body once and for all.


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