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Even if you haven’t noticed it yet, if you are over 25 years old your metabolism is starting to slowdown. And that means it’s getting harder for you to lose weight.

Metabolism is everything your body does to burn up fuel from the foods you eat and from your own fat stores. Experts estimate that it declines between 5% to 10% per decade. That means a 20% to 40% drop in your metabolism during your lifetime.

Yet what if you could prevent almost all your metabolic slowdown in less than 65 minutes a week?

It turns out that one type of exercise can actually reduce your decline in metabolism to only 0.3% per decade! That means only a 1% decline over your entire life.

And according to San Francisco weight loss expert and fitness author Nate Miyaki, short workouts using this specific method gives your metabolism a better boost than doing hours of cardio like jogging or aerobics.

Miyaki says, “If you are looking for a metabolism boosting workout that jumpstarts your weight loss process, Antagonist Supersets are your answer.”

He explains that Antagonist Supersets are two strength training exercises for opposing muscle groups performed back-to-back with no rest.

An example of an Antagonistic Superset is a set of pull-ups together with a set of dips without rest in between. After the dips rest for 30-60 seconds, and then repeat 1-3 more times.

One muscle group gets to rest while the other is working. And that means you can fit more exercise into a shorter timeframe.

Miyaki explains that 3 to 4 of these workouts per week is enough to boost your metabolism and have you looking great for summer.

Research shows Antagonist Supersets increase something called Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC for short). Translation? It boosts your metabolic rate, and helps you burn off more body fat. Even when you are doing nothing between workouts.

And you only exercise 60 to 75 minutes per week instead of per day like most exercisers.

Exercise selection is key. Nate explains, “You should focus primarily on compound lifts. These movements recruit the greatest number of motor units and muscle fibers, and create the biggest fat burning EPOC effect.”

However, Nate warns that even if you’re getting this metabolism boost from your workouts, you’ll still struggle to lose weight if you’re making one common nutrition mistake.

He says most experts preach a low carb deprivation diet to lose weight. But that cutting carbs may actually damage your metabolism and disrupt your fat burning hormones.

Miyaki also explains that although you must eat carbohydrates to maintain your metabolism, you need to eat them at precisely the right times: “You do not have to give up eating carbohydrates or swear off your favorite foods. You just need to know exactly when to eat them for maximum weight loss.”

He also recommends specific carbohydrates that are better for weight loss than the so-called “healthy” carbs you hear about from most nutritionists.

He says when you combining this strategic carb-timing with as little as 60 minutes of exercise per week is a safe, effective and proven method to boost your metabolism and quickly drop the pounds without giving up carbs.

One study published in the journal Obesity showed that people eating according to Miyaki’s strategies lost more weight, shed more inches, and were more full and satisfied than other folks eating exactly the same amount of calories and carbs but at different times.

To learn Miyaki’s method for eating carbs every day to increase your metabolism, and exactly which carbs to eat and when you need to eat them, continue reading on the following page…

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