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Special Offer: Save Over 55% on the DIY Marketing Automation Toolkit and 2 Months of SharpSpring

Stop relying on overpaid and under performing marketing agencies to grow your business.  Let us show you how to take control of your business, and it all starts with marketing automation.

Watch the video below to see how Scout used our marketing automation solution to drive unprecedented business growth!

“SharpSpring Has Been A Huge Part of Our Success From the Beginning” James Davis, VP Sales & Marketing – Scout

Over 7,000 Companies of all sizes and industries use SharpSpring to Increase Profits including

Actual Pinpoint Marketing Clients

PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Landing Pages and CRM are all words your digital agency will use to tell you how they will grow your business.  And they are right!  What they aren’t telling you is that they will charge you thousands of dollars per month to do things you / your team are well equipped to do on your own.  The fees you pay your marketing agency every month are coming out of your profits, and you are now beholden to this agency to keep your business growing.  By using our DIY Marketing Automation Toolkit you can not only save tens of thousands of dollars per year, but take complete ownership of the tactics you use to drive your business growth.

The DIY Toolkit for Marketing Automation is not only a step by step, guaranteed process designed to help you grow your business, but also gives you access to the #1 marketing automation software SharpSpring.  By providing both advanced education and strategic direction along with best in class enterprise level software, you are upgrading your business on every level.  

Marketing Automation? What Does it Mean?

Don’t let the marketing agencies fool you with jargon!  Marketing Automation is simply a term designed to allow your paid search ads, social media, website, CRM, and email campaigns to work together to better understand your prospects and provide relevant content to them at the right time.  It increases the data you collect per user and allows your business the opportunity to react automatically, behind the scenes, supporting your sales efforts along the way.

​Consider the Following Example:

Company A sells jeans, and has a website and collects emails on their website and runs social media accounts.  A customer comes to the website, fills out the form (thereby providing their email address) and then leaves the website.  5 Days later, this customer goes to Company A’s Instagram account and looks at a specific pair of jeans.  This is where Marketing Automation kicks in.  SharpSpring will then identify that that specific customer looked at those jeans, and will send out an email to the client with a promotion / link to purchase those jeans.  In addition, the next time that customer visits the home page, those specific jeans will be front and center.  If the customer then clicks those jeans and adds the to the cart, but decides to leave before purchase, again marketing automation will trigger.  SharpSpring will then send an email to the customer reminding them of their cart and perhaps a coupon to help motivate them to finish the purchase.   All of this was done, with no additional work by your staff, but has been proven to increase conversions more than 50%!!! 

Lets look at a B2B example.

Company B sells services to small businesses and needs to drive more leads.  They use PPC, social media, email and a website to drive leads, just like our Company A example.  However, in this case, we would connect all of this to the built in CRM within SharpSpring.  Now, as clients visit the website / ads / social media, we can do everything as stated above with custom emails, custom website content, but we can also alert the lead owner of the recent behavior, allowing them to follow up in a more timely and relevant fashion.  Now, instead of your sales team calling on their schedule, they can allow marketing automation to work the lead behind the scenes, and when the lead has demonstrated interest, the sales person can follow up and follow up knowing exactly what the lead has been looking for!

Every Company CAN and SHOULD Implement Marketing Automation Easily with our DIY Toolkit and SharpSpring. 

Our DIY Marketing Automation Toolkit will provide you with the strategy and tactics you need to get the most out of any marketing automation solution.  However, we are certain once you see the power and value of SharpSpring, you will be following our step by step guide on how to migrate from Hubspot, Marketo, Infusionsoft or to SharpSpring in no time.

The DIY Marketing Automation Toolkit is a combination of world class marketing automation education and personalized setup and strategic planning for your business, coupled with access to the leading marketing automation software SharpSpring.  Unlike all other options, we make sure that you not only get access to the best software, but that you receive the personalized support and strategic planning you need to take full advantage of marketing automation for your business.

Your access to our premium live and recorded webinars include step by step instructions on setting up SharpSpring as well as detailed overviews of features and best practice tips and tricks.  

​Below you can view a recently video that shares tips of how to Maximize Your Discount Promotions

​In addition to helping you get setup and our personalized strategic planning, we will provide training on:

We will host live webinars weekly to support your setup and provide you with step by step actions plans week by week to help you get the most out of SharpSpring.  We will also provide you a detailed implementation guide and access to our support knowledge base and email.  In addition, our custom strategic planning will be provided within the first week of signup.

*Once payment is processed, you will receive an email with instructions within 24 hours on how to setup SharpSpring, as well as access links to the customer support knowledge base and links to access your first webinar session  Please have added to your safe list to ensure email delivery.

We get this question all the time.  I already use MailChip, Constant Contact, or MyEmma (etc) for my marketing emails, why do I need SharpSpring.  The simple answer is that both marketing automation and SharpSpring are so much more than email.

The good news is, you can use SharpSpring and continue using your current email service.  While most of our clients choose to migrate completely to SharpSpring, you are not obligated to do so.  The flexibility and power of SharpSpring enable you to add this to your marketing and sales programs, without having to change the way you do things on day 1.

Marketing Automation transforms email marketing into a sales and marketing powerhouse, tracking every link click and site visit to create customer profiles and followup automation designed to maximize conversion.  By using SharpSpring, you will stop emailing your customers and begin creating unique experiences for each customer, guaranteed to drive increased sales for your business.

That means SharpSpring includes a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and also syncs with and all other leading CRMs, Email Designer and Delivery, Marketing Workflow Automation, Landing Page Builder, Reporting and Analytics Tool, Campaign Manager and much more.  It also providers Zapier access 1,000 of other apps like Mail Chimp to help sync seamlessly with the way your business currently runs.

SharpSpring is the central hub for all your marketing and sales efforts, working together to optimize performance and increase sales.  Easily managed by anyone on your team.​​

“What We Spend Each Month…We Get Back Tenfold”

“We had a record year last year when we started using SharpSpring. What we spend each month on marketing, we get back tenfold. That’s our sweet spot right now, and we think this year will be even better.”

Director of Marketing, Brytons Home Improvement

“Digital Has Become The Most Prolific Source of Closed Sales…”

“After implementing this strategy, digital has become the most prolific source of closed sales for Henry Ford Village, hugely outperforming traditional channels such as television, direct mail and referrals.”

If within the first 60 days you have any issues with SharpSpring, the DIY Marketing Automation Toolkit or just want your money back, just let us know via email.  We will simply refund your money, disconnect access to the support center and webinars, and remove your information from SharpSpring no questions asked.  

“Every Time a Lead Opens an Email Their Score Goes Up…”

“With SharpSpring, every time a lead opens an email or visits the website their score goes up, so we know that they are engaged. We also know what products they are interested in so that we can send more targeted messaging.”

Director of Marketing, Brytons Home Improvement

“With SharpSpring, Any Marketer on Your Team Can Make a Difference Immediately”

“SharpSpring is designed as a tool for the masses. With other marketing automation tools, you almost need a university degree to use them. With SharpSpring, you can take any marketer on your team and start making a difference immediately.”

Managing Director & Founder, Demodia

“Any Organization Can Benefit Greatly From Marketing Automation”

“Any organization can benefit greatly from marketing automation. The fact is, it can be used not only to sell your services or products, but also to retarget customers and prospects by sending automated follow-ups, thank-you emails, surveys, and so on.”

In short, YES!  SharpSpring powers marketing automation for over 7,000 companies worldwide, from Fortune 500 to 1 person online businesses.  The power and operational efficiency it provides is unparalleled, and is guaranteed to increase your lead generation and marketing / sales ROI.  If you are looking to grow your business, regardless of size, take a 30 day test drive and let us show you what marketing automation powered by SharpSpring can do for you.

That is a bold statement and it is true.  Unless you have a fully optimized, existing marketing automation program in place, your business will benefit from using SharpSpring.  The combination of the DIY Marketing Toolkit along with SharpSpring will prove to be one of the best decisions for your business you will ever make.  Don’t agree?  Cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

Yes, Give me access to the DIY Marketing Toolkit and 2 Months of SharpSpring

At Pinpoint Marketing we are here to provide you the support to use the benefits of marketing automation for your business. We look forward to sharing our expertise to help you build your business using marketing automation.

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Click here to get DIY Marketing Automation Toolkit Offer Clickbank – pinpoint-marketing at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

DIY Marketing Automation Toolkit Offer Clickbank – pinpoint-marketing is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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