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Item: Assorted 5 Colors Round Light Emitting Diodes Kit (Pack of 600)

Pack of 600pcs:
3mm (Clear/ Transparent)
60pcs White
60pcs Red
60pcs Blue
60pcs Yellow
60pcs Green

5mm (Clear/ Transparent)
30pcs White
30pcs Red
30pcs Blue
30pcs Yellow
30pcs Green

5mm (Diffused)
30pcs White
30pcs Red
30pcs Blue
30pcs Yellow
30pcs Green

Foward Voltage:
White 3.5~4.0V
Red 2.0~2.5V
Blue 3.5~4.0V
Yellow 2.0~2.5V
Green 3.5~4.0V

This LED Kit can be applied to various electronic experiments including Arduino projects; Are packaged in a plastic case with individed compartment.
Konw more about the specifications (Forward Voltage, Wavelength, Luminous Intensity, View Angle, etc.) by downloading the datasheets from
3mm and 5mm / Diffused and Clear Round LED Kit
Head Type: Round. White Emitting Diodes Luminous Intensity: 14250 mcd
View Angle:15~30 Degree(Clear LED). Wavelength Range:400~630nm.Positive rating current 20ma, the maximum peak current does not exceed 100ma.
Great kit for various electronic experiments including Arduino projects

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