Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

– PaidViewPoint is a survey site where you can earn money completing online surveys.
You won’t earn a lot but over time you can increase your per survey earnings by reaching a traitscore of 9000 or higher.

I usually get 2 survey invites per day throughout the weekdays and 1-2 on Saturdays and Sundays. You don’t have to get qualified for the surveys. If you receive the survey invite, you are already qualified.

You receive 0.10 per regular survey, but you can earn more with some of the more detailed, easy surveys.

Be patient and consistent. Over time you will earn more.

You can cash out at $15.00 via PayPal.

You can refer others to sign up and earn a % of their earnings if they are active.

Be honest and consistent as your demographics and survey answers are tracked in their system.

^^Update 6/2/15: When I made this video, my traitscore was 8815. Now is it 9024, so I should see an increase in my earnings.

Update 7/20/15: Received my second payout last week. My traitscore is now at 10000.
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