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Do you blog for profiting on the web? At that point you may have attempted numerous things to profit by affiliate marketing too. Practically every blogger needs to profit from their blog while giving quality content to their pursuers. In order to monetize blog without AdSense, bloggers attempt different options. Applying affiliate programs to the blog is one such activity. Today I’m going to explain one of the affiliate program called VigLink.

What is Viglink Affiliate Program?

VigLink is one of the lucrative AdSense choices. You can just embed the code on your site and make the ordinary looking active connections changed over to affiliate links. So these affiliate links don’t look different to your pursuers.
VigLink helps you to monetize partner system of more than 35,000 unique vendors. Alongside the huge players like eBay and Amazon, you can utilize VigLink on various sites and online networking systems like Facebook or twitter. You can likewise utilize this affiliate links for versatile applications.

2 Ways To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog Posts.

How VigLink Works?

The best a portion of VigLink Affiliate Program is that, as it has numerous retailers related, it can really change over all connections into either subsidiary connections.
The VigLink tracking tool takes care of all the retailers. So it is not required for you to agree to accept an individual affiliate account on each of the systems.
E.g. on the off chance that you compose any post on any of the Hosting site, e.g. Blue Host, Viglink will consequently transform the outbound connections into affiliate links for Blue Host store from their shipper list. In typical case, it may not be constantly conceivable to give affiliate links to all the item names. Be that as it may, VigLink gives partner connections to any item written in your blog entry. On the off chance that somebody purchases any item utilizing those connections you will acquire some affiliate cash.

How to make money with VigLink ?

You can utilize VigLink in two approaches to profit on the web. One is by converting the links in your article & another one is by referring your friends or fellow publisher.
VigLink Link Insertion:
There are three different options available by which you can place links in your products & make money with VigLink.
VigLink CONVERT : Viglink is best known for its VigLink Convert benefit. With this, VigLink makes the typical connections into affiliated. VigLink works with 90% of the greatest eCommerce sites, so it is easy to find a company that you want to sign up with.
VigLink INSERT: VigLink Insert is another result of this affiliate program. It utilizes the semantic innovation to change over equivalent words and applicable words on your blog posts into to affiliate links. According to VigLink, you can double your VigLink wage on the off chance that you utilize their product Viglink Insert.
VigLink ANYWHERE: VigLink Anywhere is extraordinary for utilizing chiefly via web-based networking media organizing sites. It likewise functions admirably with email battles. It utilizes and other connection shortening destinations to abbreviate your affiliate links.
When you include the connection, VigLink ANYWHERE will abbreviate the connection in a split second which will contain your individual VigLink code to track your affiliate deals.

VigLink Refer Friends:

You can refer your friends for VigLink Affiliate Program & earn 35% commission from that.
Advantages of VigLink :
  1. VigLink supports multiple platforms like Blogs, Forums, Websites etc.
  2. The validity of referral program is of 1 year.
  3. It isn’t dependent on the traffic levels or origin of website traffic. So the approval process becomes very easy.
  4. It is SEO friendly & doesn’t go against the AdSense policies.
  5. VigLink converts product links into natural looking affiliate links.
  6. Through VigLink Preview you can control how your post would like with VigLink affiliate links.
  7. After installing VigLink to your blog, immediately the affiliate links get enabled.
  8. VigLink has a huge list 35,000+ merchants to be associated with.
  9. The installation process is made easy with simple instructions.
  10. Payment is done through PayPal & is always in time.

Few Disadvantages of VigLink :

  1. VigLink doesn’t support JavaScript disabled browsers.
  2. You may find the reporting system a bit confusing.

VigLink Sign Up Process:

VigLink Sign Up process is very simple and  easy. Enter your email address on the VigLink website. Immediately after that you will receive an activation email.
You will get your approval instantly as there is no approval process.
After your email account gets verified, you need to fill in few location and password related questions. After filling them, you can find the code. You can place that code in your blog & start earning money from your blog.
VigLink Payment Method & VigLink Payout:
Viglink payment is made only through PayPal. The VigLink payout is provided for a monthly minimum of $10.To receive the payment, you will need to wait for 60 days.

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