Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

MLM Niche Marketing is a hugely popular market segment that offers great financial rewards from helping them build large marketing teams and securing their business goals. A major element of their business is the recruiting of similar minded individuals who are successfully selling products and services in their business. This niche’s market has leverage for selling products and services ranging from cosmetics to telecommunication services both online and offline. However, the selling methods used are outdated for today’s marketplace. The following is a more successful blueprint for building a Network Marketing business and making money from this niche market.

Part 1: Eliminate driving traffic directly to your MLM company’s replicated website. Just take them to a simple one page website with good free information on how to grow their downline fast. Most Network Marketers want to know how to build their own business both fast and effectively. Before you give them your free MLM training advice readily available on the website, you should give them access to the free tips only after they’ve given you their first name and email address. In other words, your web-page (squeeze page or capture page) should say something like: “Type in your first name and email address in the fields below if you want to get your hands on the top free “Success Secrets Used By Network Marketer Heavy Hitters”. If this web-page is made correctly, then a high percentage of people will leave you their contact information and you’ll be building an e-mail opt-in list of people who are interested in growing their MLM downline

Part 2: Once getting their name and primary email address on your “capture page”, the captured information should be tied into an autoresponder service such as Aweber, Getresponse, or GVO with at least 7 to 8 all ready loaded autoresponder letters meant to follow up with the person who registered continuously for several weeks. The letters containing the top quality free tips for building their online business allows you to work on becoming a prized resource. This follow-up sequence is what will get people used to receiving messages from you and help make you seem like the “Network Marketing Professional” in their eyes. Once a relationship has been established, they are MUCH more probable to buy a product or service from you in the future (this is where the real money is made).

Part 3: Simultaneously upon their subscribing your “Thank You or Sales Page” should be an offer or friendly proposition with a time limited offer/s that is almost impossible to refuse tied in with a risk free guarantee. You’ll need to make it so that the person who just opted in has the opportunity to buy something having to do with growing their MLM downline (thereby sticking money in your pocket).This can be a ClickBank Affiliate Product or some other affiliate network product. This product/service must be generic that can help any business not just your primary business.

Part 4: Branding and relationship building is a must in network marketing. Using an autoresponder,videos, and personal contact to separate yourself from others, will help you build a successful online business.

By you bringing value to your subscribers via your business tips, valued content, and helping them make money online, they will become more receptive to you which can open the door to your primary business. If you follow these 4 parts, then you should be able to quickly start making money on the internet in the MLM marketing niche.

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