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Brad Callen’s Directory Submitter is a program that enables the user to submit their web sites to hundreds or even over a thousand directories quickly. He offers a free version that is fully functional despite the fact that there are only 350 sites to submit to. It’s nice to have the opportunity to really try it before you buy it.

Documentation in the free version was found to be straight forward but the title in the “Titles” field didn’t populate in the “Title” field on the Directory Website. This poses the problem of necessitating manual entries at 350 sites because you have to enter a capcha, verify your category and subcategory and submit your entry by clicking on the “submit” button on the site.

Perhaps the good thing here is that the Website directories are accessed from within the software instead of having you open your browser and type in the URL for each site.

If you use reciprocal links during your directory submitting, this is a good program for you, but the biggest drawback is if you choose not to use reciprocal link then your submission will not be accepted.

For $76 the Gold version of Directory Submitter contains 1,350 directories, nearly 4 times what you get in the free version. Maybe the fact that some of the Website Directories listed in the software no longer exist is the reason the upgrade information claims 1,350 Website Directories in the Gold version is almost 3 times the 350 Website Directories you get in the free version.

You can even promote Directory Submitter for $36 per sale. If you’re lucky, you can quickly make a return on your investment.

When using the Gold version you have to manually enter the title, verify the category and subcategory and submit your data.

Despite the fact that regardless of the version you are using, there will be some manual activity required on 350 to 1,350 website directories, maybe the good thing about this software is that your Personal Information, URL, Description, Keywords will automatically populate on every available site.

Granted, this may save some directory submitting time and this review is based purely on the usage of the free version, but it really didn’t feel like a time saver.


· You can try it for free.

· You can access the directory websites from within the program.

· The majority of your data is pre-populated at each directory site.

· It can be a time saver.

· Documentation is pretty straight forward.


· It still requires manual input.

· You have no choice regarding reciprocal links.

· Some of the directory websites no longer exist.


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