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This process is simple and can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts.

A Niche is simply a specialized market. By that I mean a specific market. Let’s consider the legal profession for a second.

If an Attorney practices law, but specializes in Family Law, that is his specialty. Take it a step further and say that he specializes in representing children from the Foster Care System. That is his niche. You could have stopped and claimed Family Law as the niche, but always take it down to the lowest common denominator that you can.

A realtor may sell houses, but when they specialize in Townhouses and Condominiums,

That’s their niche market!

You may also be involved in sports or a hobby that just happens to be a good match for what you have.

A Network Marketer may recruit Prospects, but when they choose to recruit stay-at-home Moms, that is their niche.

Now a niche market can be chosen based on your interest on a specific demographic of people like the stay at home Mom’s above, or it can be based on your background in business or life experiences.

An easy way to figure out which niche you would like to pursue is to write a list of all of the things you have done in your life. Maybe you have made money at them and maybe you haven’t.

Now, decide which one you have a particular interest in. Maybe you know an industry inside and out or you worked for an industry that is notorious for not offering the benefit that you offer to its employees.

Whatever it is, narrow it down and then target that niche. When considering your niche ask yourself if you are interested in that part of that industry or not. Even if you like it, it’s critical to make sure what you have is something they need. Don’t waste time in an niche that would require convincing. Are they known for needing or wanting what you have? If the answer is, “No”, move on!

It’s easier to target a field of interest that you have actually experienced. I once targeted

Child Care facilities and nursing homes, because I happened to know that most often, this industry did not offer substantial health benefits and at that time, that was exactly what I was marketing.

You do not have to be employed by or in anyway affiliated with that profession. You may just find that they have a need for what you have. Learn as much as you can about that industry and how they function and then identify the reasons why what you have is a perfect fit for it!

That’s it, clean and simple.

Don’t’ feel that you are obligated to just one niche, but be cautious not to take on too many at one time!

Better to give concentrated energy to identifying and exposing your service or product to one niche at a time so that you are not juggling plates on a stick.

It can be a lot of fun working within a niche that you know well and can speak from your own frame of reference about. It makes for a great connection with the decision maker.

Because you know their industry you will be able to tailor your presentation to their particular needs. It cam prove to be very bonding and a platform for you to build a long term mutual relationship that could leave the door open for future products or services.


Source by Brigitte Forrey

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