Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
How To Turn Every PDF
You Create Into A Goldmine

Using This Viral PDF Rebrander…

…And Rake In Thousands of Sales With
Just 3 Clicks Of The Mouse!”

Here’s How It Works… Just Follow
These 3 Easy Steps!

tick Step 1: Create rebrandable fields in your PDF document

You first set up special variables in your PDF file to indicate which link/text you wish to make rebrandable (detailed instructions included inside) and then load your PDF file via our brander. Thereafter, create your rebrander application.

tick Step 2: Pass on your rebrander application together with your PDF file
The next thing you need to do is simply to pass on the rebander you’ve created!
tick Step 3: Your end users open the rebrander application and rebrand with their own values

The last step will simply require your end users (affiliates/subscribers) to open the rebrander application and load your rebrandable PDF.

They just have to enter their own desired values inside the application and save their own rebranded version.

And that’s it! Now they simply have to pass on their own rebranded version of the PDF and let it get viral for you.


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