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Search engine optimization (otherwise known as seo) is the most known way to promote your website. A free directory submitter assists in this hugely and we’ll talk more about that later in this article. It’s a known fact; most webmasters give to more time optimizing their site than they give to actually building the website itself. Why? Well, let’s think about it, what is the purpose of constructing and maintaining a site if your website has little or no traffic? Isnt the entire purpose of constructing your site to attract traffic and expose them to your web sites message? Absolutely! This is the why seo is a crucial element to a successful website.

There are a variety of different forms of seo. Often times, certain types of seo become extremely well known throughout the internet community and then they fade into the background as other fads surface. One of the first popular types of seo is a process called internet directory submission.

Internet directory submission is not a complicated process; in fact, it is based upon a simple rule of thumb. People who surf the web have permission to an enormous amount of wisdom nonetheless, if the information on the net were not organized in a few way or another, it would be literally impossible to find what their searching for. This is why directories are so important. Web directories, such as DMOZ (aka The Open Directory Project) are massive, categorized directories of internetsites. DMOZ is one of the oldest types of these internet directories around and is operated by by a group of committed volunteers who manually view and approve each page before it is added to the directory.

Here’s a question you may have. With Google and other query based search engines, how does internet directory submission play such an substantial role in the overall picture of website optimization? Well, there are two distinguishable benefits to submitting your site to web directories. Well, to start with, huge search engines such as Google use web directories to search for query results. When the user enters their query or search, Googles search then identifies the results by scanning through the thousands of pages located in net directories. If your website is listed in the web directories, whalla, the search engine is more likely to recognize the relevancy because the site pages have already been indexed and categorized by the website directory.

The second benefit of submitting your site to a website directory is a bit more complex than the first. seo experts will tell you that one of the most effective ways to increase exposure on the web is through receiving inbound links to your website by other sites of similar content. When you list your site in a directory, either manually or coupled with a free web directory submitter, you are linking your website to the web directory itself as well as any search engine who spiders the website directory (this includes Google). This can boost your placement in search engine results hugely.

Now that you understand the importance of directory submission, directory submission how the process actually works. There are literally hundreds, perhaps even thousands of web directories on the web. Here are net directories (such as DMOZ) offer free internet directory submissions. This simply means you do not have to fork over any money in order to list your website in their web directory. Other online directories charge lots for listing your website in their directory. Obviously, if your website is listed in a larger number of online directories, the more impact this will have on your sites placement in search engines.

To submit your site to each website directory, you must first choose which online directories you would like to use and then visit them, filling out a form by your site url and other information relating to your website. A variety of webmasters do this frequently in order to be sure their sites are showing up in as a variety of internet directories as possible. An obvious downer is this can become a very time-consuming task.

In order to automate the process and make it much more convenient for netmasters, programmers have created free website directory submitter software that can complete the internet directory submission process for you and reduce or eliminate the hassle of searching the internet for and submitting your website to the non-paid internet directories.

A free website directory submitter will offer you the benefit to enjoy the advantages associated by having your website listed in directories without the cost. This is a super seo technique that is easy to maintain and a free directory submitter program doesn’t cost you a thing, so it’s easy on the wallet too. This allows you to easily optimize your new and existing sites as frequently as you would like. Thanks for perusing this article, have a super day!

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