Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

FB Post Searcher Software

FB Post Searcher Software uses REAL-TIME Live Data to provide you the BEST Snapshot via Facebook posts.

Type your keyword(s) and Search … get the best Facebook post results to evaluate your eCommerce marketing decisions.
Filter your search by time frame: All Time, This Month, Last Month, This Week, Last Week or Live.

Wouldn’t you want to get a small slice of the ever-growing eCommerce pie? Currently nearing 2 Trillion a year!?!
…AND this market is only set to grow more & more as people around the world continue to get Internet access readily & trust online transactions even more. =)

BUT… there is a Missing 3rd (important) Dimension that SO many have missed.
Not to mention, many out there are using archived “OLD” Data to gauge how successful their marketing can be.

Well … time is money …. get your copy of FB Post Searcher Software now!

One Time Fee Cost: $5.95

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