Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Keyword – Tag Generator Software

Keyword – Tag Generator Software is a simple application designed to help bloggers create a tag pool for their posts. The program can convert a list of keywords, separated by spaces into a series of tags, suitable for any blog page.

Convert your text lists to tag pools

Keyword – Tag Generator Software can come in handy to users who make multiple blog posts, allowing them to automate the creation of tags or keywords. The program’s function is to convert the new row markers into either commas or spaces.

The program can instantly transform a list with one or several words per row into a chain of tags separated by commas or spaces, based on the blog requirements. Not only does it re-arrange the words, but it also allows you to instantly copy the block to the clipboard, by clicking the dedicated button. From that moment, you can easily paste the tags to the blog and publish your article.

Simple to use blog post helper

All in all, Comma-Tags is a rather reliable tool that allows you to reduce the time spent typing all the desired keywords on the blog site. Not only can it arrange the list of words within one second, but it also allows you to copy it to the clipboard with one mouse click. This feature makes it very convenient for users who often post blog articles.

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