Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Anyone who spends any amount of time on the internet sees all kinds of ads about paid surveys that want to know if you want to get paid for your opinion. I bet you have ignored most of them because you think they are total bull and probably some scam to rip off your identity or gain access to your financial records. You would be right about some of those companies. However, there are also a lot of legitimate companies that offer to let you get paid for your opinions.

Almost all companies that make and sell consumer products hire marketing research firms to create and conduct consumer surveys so they can find out what people want to buy. They also want to know what features in their product are important to their customers.

A good example of why companies conduct market research is the current AT&T and Verizon cell phone advertising war. Verizon extols the fact that they have the largest network with near universal coverage (important if you live in a very rural area) and AT&T is pushing the fact that you can talk on the phone and surf the internet at the same time (something most people would like to be able to do). AT&T most likely learned that people wanted to talk and surf at the same time from one of the market research surveys it routinely conducts to find out what consumers want.

How can you get paid for your opinions?

Join a paid survey website like us here at Paid-Surveys-at-Home and follow their instructions. Most will have you fill out a detailed member profile that will be used to see if you qualify for a survey. After all, you wouldn�t pay someone who doesn�t own a cell phone to take a survey about how people use their cell phones, would you?.

How do you get paid?

You will be paid either by a mailed paper check or the funds will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.




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