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The quality and performance of these 3 appearance products are the same.
If you need to connect 2 indoor antennas, choose option B

You can download an Android app  “network cell info lite ”  to check the frequency .

IPhone Dial*3001#12345#*→Serving Cell info→Freq Band


If the frequency is not correct ,it will not work at your local .

You can show me your app detail .We choose a compatible products

for you .


How cell signal booster works ?

1.The outdoor antenna captures signal from the signal tower

2.The outdoor antenna transfers the signal to the cell booster via the Coaxial cable

3.The booster amplifies cell signal and sends it to the Indoor antenna

4.The Indoor antenna rebroadcasts the signal insides to all mobile devices

5.The Booster amplifies outgoing cell signal back to the signal tower



1. cover: 200-500 square meters without obstacles
2. improve Gsm 900 Lte 1800 and Wcdma 2100 at the same time
3. led light indicates the state of the signal.
4. if can meet 900 1800 2100 frequency band , it can support different oprators.
5. easy to install. This signal amplifier kit includes everything you need.
6. one year warranty.
1. Gain: 70dB (DL); 65dB (UL)
2. power output: 20dBm
3. GSM: up to link 890-915 mhz; down link 935-960 mhz
DCS: up to 1710-1785 mhz; down link 1805-1880 mhz
WCDMA: up to 1920-1980 mhz link; down link 2110-2170 mhz
4. impedance: .
5. Connector Type: N Female Connector
packaging:About 3KG
1.Signal Booster
2.outdoor signal antenna
3.indoor signal antenna(with  cable)
4.15 meter 50-Omega Cable
5. manual
installation steps:
1. Fix the reception of the roof outdoor antenna or the high place and the turn signal point.
2. Connect the external antenna to repeater machine ” BTS ” port via cable.
3. Connect indoor antenna to repeater ” MOBILE ” port.
4. AC plug power cord into the power source and finished.
5. TIP: An outdoor antenna should be “isolated” from the internal antenna, that is, it must be constructiveobstacles (walls, partitions, etc.) between the antennas.
Note :when outdoor antenna and indoor antenna are separated not enough, then it will be self-oscillation. yourphone will not get any signal.


AYS GSM 3G 4G Cell Phone Booster Tri Band Mobile Signal Amplifier 2G 3G 4G LTE Cellular Repeater GSM DCS WCDMA 900+1800+2100 Set





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