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Are FFAs dead in Internet Marketing?

Many say, yes. Others disagree.

To paraphrase Fox News Network, I’ll report – you decide.

Back in the day, FFAs were great for lead generation, or at least we thought they were. Then came the super submitter sites.

“Submit Your Site to Thousands of FFA” was the headline they advertised. Submission services were all over the place.

Remember “World Submitter”? That was the big one.

Then online marketers realized that their sites were hardly ever seen by human eyes and the super submitter sites fell by the wayside.

Oh how things change in Internet Marketing.

Next came Search Engine Optimization services or SEO sites proclaiming to be able to help you get your site to the top of Google, Yahoo, Lycos,Alta Vista, Ask, and every other search engine and directory under the sun.

SEO service sites are still out there and can probably do as advertised.

Thing is, do you really need them? Is there a way you can do this yourself for free?

The answer is yes. You use FFAs for leads and SEO as part of what they call Reverse Marketing.

The concept of Reverse Marketing has been around for a while now, but we’ll take it one step further and introduce to you what I refer to as “Pick and Roll Your Free FFA Leads”.

Owning your own free FFA site or subscribing to a paid one(I do both)will get you all the leads you can handle. Of course, those people are trying to sell you and you are (or were) trying to sell them. This paradigm doesn’t benefit anyone and you will need a new approach to make an impact on your online marketing efforts.

No doubt, you’ve probably heard the old story of how the people who made money during the “gold rush” were the people selling the picks and shovels. This holds true in Internet marketing now more than ever and you need a spam-free system, with FFA pages that can generate all the leads you need to promote your online business. Additionally, it should be noted that you don’t want to sell picks and shovels; you want to give them away with free to use systems like Veretekk where you can help other online marketers accomplish their goals. You want to “pick” the people you want to work with and basically roll with them. Do not encourage the people with crazy headlines or outrageous claims. You want to work with people like you who are trying to make an honest living online.

Not only will you get free FFA leads daily for life, you will also get software to sort and clean these leads in a usable csv (comma separated file) format. Plus, live trainers who will teach you how to do this. With practice, you will develop a sense of which leads to “pick and roll” out your online marketing efforts to and help them build their business with the knowledge you have accumulated. It’s a win-win strategy for everyone.

As far as site submitters and search engine optimization or SEO, you can use and give these tools away as well. It still holds true that few humans will ever see your site initially on the front end of the submission. What does happen is that it creates thousands of “backlinks” to your site.

These are random backlinks which are preferred by the search engine spiders as opposed to deliberate backlinks which are offered for a fee by linking membership sites. SEO experts like Butch Hamilton and Dr. Raymond Jewell refer to these backlinks as “Spider Food”. When done consistently, it will propel your site higher and higher in the search engine rankings.

In this process, it is extremely important that you do your own keyword research and use them in your titles and meta tags to differentiate yourself.

Your most important keyword is your own name. DO NOT use foolish get rich quick names for your personal site, blog, or email address. Use your God given name as a keyword and use the “BLT” approach:

1.) Brand yourself

2.) Learn these techniques

3.) Teach it to others.

Follow these steps and your online marketing results will improve.

Source by Nathan Gurley

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