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Work From Home Options For Moms
As a mother, one needs to devote plenty of time to your kids and family. But at the same time, we do crave to do something from home which should help us not only to break the routine monotony but also generate some income. Little extra money is a tremendous help to your family as well as to your own confidence. When you keep yourself busy with work, you get opportunities to meet some amazingly inspiring people around you. It helps you to stay focused, prevents unnecessary and useless thoughts or Mind wondering. So, I decided to make this episode by showing some real-life examples. I looked around me to find out the awesome ladies amongst my friends and family, who not only stay at home but also work from home to contribute as a bread earner. I requested them to send me a small clip about them which I have compiled here. Hopefully, it should work as motivation for some of you. The purpose of this video is not a career counselling but just to illustrate some of the very real options that are available for moms to work from home. Let’s see what are things can be done from home.

Ashu Khatter- Simplify Your Space
Youtube channel-
Instagram- @simplifyyourspace

Sonali S Vinnakota- Bowerspace and Grammarics

Youtube channel-

Preeta Garg- Learn Art Academy

Rashmi Assudani- Chirpy baby cloth diapers

Savitha Sampath- Digital marketing consultant and a Blogger

Rakshita Dwivedi-
Instagram- www.instagram/recipe_dabba

Nilofarhaan Shaikh- Modern Moms

Manisha Barhani Cooking channel-

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