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Drinks with friends can be the perfect way to unwind at the end of the week, bond with friends, and share great stories. However…

Did you know that even moderate alcohol consumption can stir up a swarm of chemicals in your body that cause fat storage?

And did you know that even after just a few drinks, your body’s ability to burn fat can be totally destroyed?

Did you know that one of your main fat loss hormones — growth hormone — can actually be completely suppressed by alcohol?

However don’t worry if you enjoy an occasional cocktail, a beer or a glass of wine now and then. Because…

In this very short article you’ll discover my 3 simple strategies for enjoying Happy Hour without sacrificing your weight loss goals.

You see, I spent the past decade providing nutrition coaching for some of Silicon Valley’s most successful professionals. And I learned pretty quickly that telling them they had to give up the booze to build a hot body was completely unrealistic.

It’s like I was telling them to join a monastery! Drinks after work, cocktails with clients, wine with a dinner date, and the occasional party are all part of life’s simple pleasures.

In fact, I’ve built my entire system around arranging your life so that you can eat the foods you love, enjoy a few drinks, experience the camaraderie of social eating, and still have the body you deserve. It’s called the Half Day Protocol™ and I show you how it works on the next page. For now…

Remember, me and my wife enjoy the odd drink as much as the next person, we love food — especially tasty carb foods — and we maintain beach-ready bodies all year round just like the rest of my busy coaching clients. Start with the 3 strategies below on your next drinks night and then read the next page for the full system that allows you to love life and still have the body you deserve…

Just follow these 3 simple strategies and you’ll discover which foods NEVER to eat with alcohol, what the worst drink is for weight gain, and which mixed drinks will go straight to your belly fat.

You’ll also find out exactly which foods and beverages support your weight loss goals without forcing you to become a social outcast…

These 3 “happy hour” strategies are the first step in
a new fat-burning lifestyle that delivers the body
you desire without giving up your social life
or your favourite drinks and foods

Happy Hour Fat-Burning Strategy #1

ELIMINATE These Foods on “Drinks Night”

Food and drink are a natural match. But there’s one food you must definitely avoid with drinks if your goal is to lose weight.

You see, alcohol has the unfortunate effect of shutting down your body’s ability to oxidize fatty acids. In other words, it prevents you from using fat for fuel. So when you pound back a greasy cheeseburger with your favorite drink, your body can’t use the fat you’re eating. It gets stored in your fat cells instead!

But you can avoid piling on ugly body fat every time you have a few drinks just by sticking to lean protein and veggies. Order a steak and a side salad instead of a cheeseburger and you’ll wake up the next morning as lean as you are were when you took your first sip.

You’ll discover more about the best food and drink combinations for fat loss in a free report called the Happy Hour Handbook that I’ve made available on the next page.

Happy Hour Fat-Burning Strategy #2

AVOID These Mixed Drinks

You’ve probably heard of insulin. It’s your body’s “storage” hormone. And with the right nutrition timing, insulin can actually accelerate your fat loss by helping you maintain and build fat-burning lean muscle.

But Happy Hour is NOT the right time to spike your insulin, which is exactly what happens when you pound down a sugary Margarita or a sweet Rum Punch. In this case, your insulin spike is going to drive all those calories straight onto your love handles or your muffin top.

So skip the sugary mixed drinks and sip a glass of red wine or a Scotch on the rocks instead.

One of the big reasons I recommend drinks like this is that you won’t be as likely to pound them back. These are drinks that demand to be sipped. But I also like them because of some other potential health benefits.

Research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that both Scotch whisky and red wine help to protect against coronary heart disease by raising the body’s level of anti-oxidants.

There are more tips on limiting insulin spikes while enjoying a few drinks in my free Happy Hour Handbook on the next page.

Happy Hour Fat-Burning Strategy #3

BEWARE This Popular Beverage

Did you know an excess of the hormone estrogen is responsible for driving fat into your lower body in women, and your chest or belly fat in men.

And did you know a certain alcoholic drink actually contains something called “phytoestrogens” that mimic estrogen in your body?

High amounts of phytoestrogens are bad because they can lead to ugly and stubborn fat storage in some pretty embarrassing places…

Unfortunately, the offender is a drink that pretty near everyone loves — beer.

Now don’t worry, I don’t expect you to give up beer. However I dorecommend that you limit yourself to one or two beers on each social occasion. And stick with my previous recommendations of wine or Scotch for the rest of the time.

You might also want to try darker beers. They usually take a little longer to drink, and they’re full of beneficial anti-oxidants. For the rest of the habits I use to avoid alcohol-related weight gain, check out my free Happy Hour Handbook and my full Half Day Protocol™ on the next page.

Listen, if you want a sexy body I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to hide in a corner when everyone else is out there having fun over a couple drinks.

You don’t have to suffer through boring “diet” food while everyone else around the table enjoys a delicious meal.

And you definitely don’t have to carry around tupperware containers full of dry chicken breasts either.

Life is too short for suffering like that. But just because you want a little fun in your life, it does NOT mean you have to settle for anything less than the exact body your desire.

In fact, if you can handle just half a day following some simple guidelines, you’ll thrive on the Half Day Protocol™ explained on the next page.

You can actually eat your fill, avoid being hungry, experience social eating, and enjoy all your favorite foods while still consistently losing weight, enjoying the body you always thought was impossible, and keeping it for life. However…

These Unique Meal Timing Strategies
Are Not For Everyone!

If you believe that eliminating your favorite foods and all the pleasures of a social cocktail, beer or glass of wine is what it takes to lose weight, then the freedom of the Half Day Protocol™ is not for you.

If you’re convinced that you need to starve yourself to have the body you desire then you definitely won’t like my methods. […and watch out for the rebound weight gain…]

If you feel you need to punish yourself with extreme and dangerous workouts to lose weight, you’ll need a more extreme nutrition plan than the Half Day Protocol™.

Yet if you’re ready to experience a simple half-day plan that allows you to enjoy full, satisfying and yummy meals every single day and indulge occasionally in social eating and drinks, just click the Next Page button below. And…

You’ll discover a unique nutrition method you’ve never heard of before that will END your hunger, switch off your food addictions, and make it EASY to maintain a fast and efficient fat-burning metabolism for life.

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