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Are these common food mistakes sabotaging your fat loss?

Nate Miyaki and Kalai Diamond

Did you know that whether you’re a man or woman, young or old, you are likely a victim of at least one of the 3 most common fat-loss diet myths? And that those same 3 food lies will actually accelerate weight gain, muscle loss and the visible signs of aging?

Here’s the sad truth. After age 25, research shows that most men and women are adding an extra 5 to 8 pounds of fat EVERY year — even when they follow government nutrition guidelines, buy into all the diet guru “rules,” and spend thousands of dollars on packaged “diet” foods that actually make you fatter.

I know this might sound like a conspiracy theory. But studies are now proving that the 3 nutrition “rules” below are far from healthy, and that they are at least partially responsible for our society’s epidemic runaway weight gain.

Once you discover these 3 “hidden” facts that nobody EVER talks about, you’ll know how to eat MORE of the right foods at the right time to increase fat-burning hormones, accelerate calorie burning, and KEEP your metabolism revving higher for a lifetime.

Baby SumoBut I have to ask you to keep an open mind. Because the 3 solutions I reveal below are the exact OPPOSITE of what the industrial packaged food companies would like you to believe.

And exposing those lies is what I’m all about. Over the past 12 years I’ve developed a reputation as the “Renegade Diet Expert” because I’m willing to challenge the nutrition myths that were keeping my clients fat. And I’ve received hundreds of success stories on everyone from soccer moms to high-powered Silicone Valley professionals in my San Francisco personal training studio.

When you understand the 3 simple solutions to these nutrition lies, you can avoid the hunger and frustration of dieting, and enjoy eating “forbidden” foods every night — and you NEVER have to worry about storing them as fat on your body.

But if you keep blindly following the 3 common food LIES I’m about to expose, you’ll constantly suffer from yo-yo weight gain, stubborn belly fat and even a damaged metabolism.

Here’s how you can AVOID the damage caused by these 3 food industry lies…

These 3 Food Lies reveal why popular diet advice will trap fat in your cells and suppress your fat-burning hormones
(how to outsmart the food industry for rapid and permanent fat loss)

LIE #1

You’ve Been Lied To
About Breakfast

OK, let’s get this out of the way…

Believe it or not, breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. That’s just a myth planted by companies that produce the packaged “healthy breakfast foods” we’re brainwashed into eating every morning.

Fact is, if you’re eating what most nutritionists call a “healthy breakfast,” then you’re probably doomed to keep gaining weight week after week, month after month and year after year.

Typical breakfast foods like cereals, toast and bagels — even the whole wheat or sprouted grain type — will spike your blood sugar and stop you from burning fat for up to 6 hours!

Evil Breakfast FoodAnd that’s a shame, because you wake up each morning primed for rapid fat loss. But all it takes is one small bowl of cereal, or even a couple teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, to completely shut down your morning fat burning furnace.

So here’s a crazy idea… Ignore the “advice” of the packaged food industry and just SKIP breakfast instead.

One of the biggest reasons my clients give me for eating those sugar filled “health food” bars in the morning is that they’re “just too rushed” to eat a full meal. So skipping breakfast is the perfect solution!

Despite what you’ve been told again and again, skipping breakfast will NOT make you groggy, cause you to lose muscle or ruin your metabolism.

Instead, by skipping breakfast you actually prolong the amount of time your body stays primed to keep burning stored fat reserves.

Extending your overnight fast also increases something called growth hormone — a hormone that increases fat loss and tissue repair — and a cellular factor called cAMP — a type of “messenger” in your body that increases your fat burning.

The “dangers of skipping breakfast” are just a food industry lie that’s keeping you fat. In fact, skipping that first meal will massively accelerate your fat loss and your metabolism if you do it the RIGHT way by using the nutrition strategy I show you on the next page.


LIE #1

You’ve Been Lied To About Eating
Several Small Meals Throughout the Day

I’m sure you’ve heard this popular advice many times. It’s one of the most commonly repeated meal timing misconceptions of the past 2 decades.

The food industry tells you to eat up to 6 small meals a day. They say it “keeps your insulin levels stable.” And that sounds good in theory. But you’re about to discover why this is actually a recipe for stalled weight loss.

In case you didn’t know, insulin is your “storage” hormone. It lets your body store nutrients and energy in your cells — both fat cells and lean cells.

But the other effect of insulin — the one that none of the “nutritionists” talk about — is that it also LOCKS fat into your cells.

Every time you eat, you release more insulin.

And when you keep insulin even slightly elevated ALL DAY long — which is exactly what happens when you eat all those small unsatisfying meals — you’re actually making it really hard to get fat out of your cells so you can burn it as fuel.

It gets worse too. If you’re like most normal people, you don’t have time or energy to prep and carry around enough tupperware containers full of real food for 5-6 small meals. So you end up reaching for meal replacement bars and other fattening packaged snack food instead. And that sends you straight into fat STORAGE mode throughout the day.

Then, when evening rolls around, your cravings kick in. But you’ve already eaten all your calories for the day and you either have to impose your iron will and suffer until you can finally go to bed… or you break down, binge, get fat and feel guilty.

Do you see how unsustainable that is? It’s another food industry lie that’s keeping you from reaching your fat loss goals.

The truth is, there’s no need for you to feel deprived or inconvenienced by your “diet”. And there’s no need to feel hungry and anxious about your food all the time either.

I’ve spent the past 12 years showing my clients how to get a flat belly by doing the exact opposite. Here’s my solution. Eat a small amount during the day when you’re busy, sticking to very strategic food choices. And then let loose in the evening when your hunger and cravings are at their peak.

Using the nutrition strategy I show you on the next page, you can save up most of your calories, carbs and favorite foods until the end of the day, eat a filling feast and go to bed satisfied every single night — and you’ll still burn MASSIVE fat all day long.


LIE #1

You’ve REALLY Been Lied To

Everyone loves to bash carbs these days.

But here’s the truth. Your body NEEDS carbs in the form of glucose to function. Glucose is the primary fuel for your brain and central nervous system. And if you’re active, you need even more carbs to fuel your muscles too.

Here’s where things get scary… If you don’t get enough carbs in your diet, your body will actually start eating it’s own muscle and storing more fat.

Here’s why…

Your muscles and liver convert glucose to glycogen for storage. Muscle glycogen fuels your muscles, and it’s really only used during high intensity activity.

Your liver uses its glycogen stores to regulate normal blood sugar levels during low intensity activity. And that’s how it provides the fuel for your brain and central nervous system (CNS). When your liver glycogen stores get low, your blood sugar drops and your body goes on red alert.

You see, your body’s highest priority is to keep your brain and CNS working. It’s really not that interested in how good you look naked…

That’s why you get “brain-fog” and start looking crappy when your blood glucose drops too much.

Over the long term, that depleted liver glycogen leads to muscle loss. And that leads to a slower metabolism and unavoidable new fat deposits.

It happens because the body starts breaking down amino acids — the protein building blocks in your muscles — and converting them to glucose in order to stabilize your blood sugar.

So if you want your body to look saggy, loose and flabby, then go ahead and grab another one of those low carb snack bars right now…

At this point you’re probably wondering, “How the heck did things get this way?”

It was a simple matter of economics. When the packaged food industry could no longer hide the fact that their lies about dietary fat were FALSE — that fat does NOT make you fat — they needed a new bad guy.

And carbs were an easy target. It’s true that most people overeat starchy carbs and sugar. And that excessive carbs are part of the obesity problem. But the anti-carb campaign has completely backfired, to a point where we’ve become paranoid about carbs.

If you’ve been reading carefully, then you might be thinking, “Doesn’t this conflict with what we just discovered about insulin and locking fat in the cells?” Yes, that can be true. But it’s ONLY true if you eat carbs at the wrong time. Once again, it all comes down to meal timing. And you’ve been getting the WRONG information for years from the fitness media.

The truth is, you CAN eat loads of your favorite high carb foods without fat storage – especially if you’re an exerciser. You just have to do it right. The trick is to use the meal timing method I show you on the next page.

All 3 “unknown” solutions to the lies above are part of a unique nutrition and lifestyle system that I call Feast Your Fat Away. This revolutionary meal timing and nutrition method gives you the flexibility to eat the foods you love while using daily evening feasts and periodic cheat foods to speed up your metabolism, preserve your shapely muscle and burn INSANE amounts of fat.

But unfortunately, those folks who don’t have access to this information will continue to eat the wrong foods at the wrong times, keep their fat-burning metabolism suppressed all day long, mess up their fat loss hormones and BLOCK their bodies from using fat as their main fuel source on a daily basis.


Find Out If You’re Qualified To Use These Strategies…

If you still think eating 6 small meals a day, stuffing yourself with packaged insulin-spiking breakfast food and then nibbling rabbit food at night is the only way to burn off stubborn belly fat, love handles and cellulite, then Feast Your Fat Away is not for you.

However, if you’d like to learn exactly how this solution works, just click the “Next Page” button below. You’ll discover a brand new meal timing structure that completely ELIMINATES hunger and cravings and BOOSTS your fat-burning pathways so your body will keep getting leaner ALL DAY long.

It’s proven. It’s efficient. And it’s one of the surest and safest ways of getting a flat, attractive belly quickly — and easily keeping the fat off for life — WITHOUT strict complicated diets or EVER going to bed hungry.



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